Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Picture & Update

This is Jax a few days ago...Can you guess what he's dressed up as?

Since he's had the transplant he's had quite a few rough days. Infections have set up in his port twice and his cell count has been staying at Zero. The Dr's. were right that up until the time of the transplant was the easy part. Although it wasn't easy for Jaxson having to go through the Radiation and Chemo at the same time. Now we are praying HARD for those cells to start growing to make this transplant a success and for Jaxson to start feeling better. He's been such a trooper. Jax's  wasn't fond of wearing a mask every time he stepped out of his room but he did adapt to it.  It's a must to help prevent infections that his body  can't fight off and he loves to get out of his room and play with the other kids and now he has a new Buddy.

He has to share this dog with the other kids but he's OK with that too :)


  1. Hi Stopsign.. Glad to see he's doing well :)

  2. My heart just BREAKS with every one of your updates, even when the news is good. My very best thoughts continue in Jax's direction; he's SUCH a trooper.

  3. Thoughts and prayers continue...

  4. Stopsign, thanks for the update. And, what Buck said.

    You need to start giving "blurry monitor" alerts.

    God bless him...heal him.

  5. Continued prayers for his recovery.

  6. Jaxson has a beautiful new friend. I'll try sending my extra cells to Jax.. Of course, I still will say a few prayers for him.

  7. Thanks Guys, today marks 29days for Jaxson and his cells count are still at Zero. The Drs says normally new cells are growing by day 28~ I'm Praying ~ GROW CELLS GROW~and Only the GOOD Cells. NO more cancer cells.
    He's still being a little trooper :-)

    I also have one more prayer request, My younger sister's bladder cancer has now moved to her kidney and they are scheduled to remove her kidney March 9th IF all the scans she's going through this week shows up that it hasn't spread beyond that kidney.

    I thank you all~And hoping to catch back up with ALL your blogs soon :-)