Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WTH is this teaching the Children?

It's only a few things in life that I will get pist off about. This is one of them!


  1. These are good Commie doctors that probably like Obamacare. As for the teachers, the unions, and the MSM, they can all suck _ _ _ _ ! They forget who the real victims are here. The REAL victims are we the tax payers who have to pay for these criminals giving our children a sub-par education! I have a feeling that public unions are going to start loosing their appeal, and the tax payers will get the final word!

  2. The parents of the children whom were brought to the rally without signing permission slips to go there should get together and file a lawsuit.

    The Fed Gov should look into these doctors to see if they have been doing medicare and medicaid fraud in addition to signing fraudulent notes.

    Wisconsin Taxpayers should be on their butts like a hungry cheetah chasing dinner.

  3. I agree guys! The Fed. Gov. should take a look at these so called Drs. Personally I think they should lose their licenses for all this CRAP they have been up to.

    And the teachers should be fired!