Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take Me Back To The Sixties

Take Me Back To The Sixties Click link! Relax and have a Great Sunday :)


  1. I was a big part of the sixties ... right on down to the surfing part. I started surfing in the winter of 1961 ... those were the days. BUT, then the ME generation hit in the later sixties ... yes innocence lost!

  2. 51 years later, my eldest brother is still bent out of shape that his barely out of diaper siblings cramped his style in 60's.

  3. I wish I had been around to enjoy all that. Life sure was better then.
    That was a really cool video, Stopsign.

    Notice how it all went to crap after LBJ and his stupid policies of giving everything to the lazy demotard moochers!

  4. Odie, You need to post pictures of that.

    Diogenes Sarcastica~ Thank You

    Supi~lol I bet you told him to get over it? :)

    Bunni, Thank You and I agree!