Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm afraid of Ghost

My Son has been going through a phase of getting up in the middle of the night saying that he see's ghost in his room. Ofcourse I assure him there is no such thing!

Growing up with so many sisters. We all had those same fears. But for us it went like this!

Me:  Mom  I had a bad dream

Mom:  What was it about?

Me:  I would then explain about the ghost coming in my window

Mom: Go back to sleep! Your sister had that same damn dream last week and she's OK.


  1. I still have that dream, only now it's crazy bloggers!

  2. Pssst Odie, Thats me in your dream (Don't be afraid :)

  3. We moved to where we live now when my son around your son's age. At that time there were books being promoted on Haunted Places in Texas. New place and no friends yet, he thought it would be fun going haunted places for something to do. I'm game for restaurants and trips. Our first which turned out to be our last "ghost hunting" adventure was to a restaurant.
    The restaurant was doing construction. It had plastic sheeting hanging down to contain the dust. The sheeting was moving with the air conditioning which added tremendously to the ghost effect to the restaurant in small boys mind. In order to go to the bathroom, he had go by the waving plastic sheeting. He ran. Washed his hands only. We decided to wander around the small town to look at the shops. There was an ice cream shop so he asked for ice cream. Ice cream parlor had no bathroom. We get out of the ice cream parlor he spies a Dairy Queen down the road. He is moving me along to the Dairy Queen so he can go to the bathroom. I looked at him and said, "We just had lunch and ice cream why do you want to go Dairy Queen?" He had to confess he didn't want a ghost to watch him pee so he only washed his hands and his bladder was about ready to bust.

  4. Supi, lol loved hearing your story. Kids will do some of the funniest things.

    I've watched Travis throw a toy (docoy) into his room first before he will cut on the light :-)