Saturday, March 26, 2011

I think I wanna marry you

I have a female friend that has been married 7 Times...(TRUE STORY)  This song reminds me so much of her..

I'll Just call her Liz


  1. I know someone that married someone that has been down the alter many times. Every one thought.. average length of bliss is 2 years. They are celebrating their 29th. Her previous husbands might be asking him, what is wrong with you and her girlfriends are asking so what did you do right this time.

  2. Supi, I think my friend is just a born romantic, her first marriage lasted the longest and its ironic now she's seeing #1 again. Maybe she had it right the first time and just didn't know it.

  3. She sounds a lot like my 4th wife which would be Nickie's 3rd.

  4. I am a traditionalist even more so than that of my Dad, marry once for life period.

    My Dad did re-marry but long after after his first wife, my Mom, passed on. He could not have chose a better companion the second time around I must say although I highly doubt I will follow in his footsteps on a second marriage.