Monday, December 26, 2011

Someone is enjoying his presents.

                                                                  I'm hoping everyone had a nice Christmas

My Son (Travis) is enjoying his first archery set.
Yes it did leave a blister cause he didn't wear his glove that came with the set.
I tried to tell him. 

I got a new toy too..It does require batteries

Yep its a new scanner~What else could it have been?

L(o^o)k  for some old pictures soon. When I figure out how to work this thing.

Note it does say 3 EASY steps.


  1. The 3 easy steps refers to installing the batteries.....

  2. He'll learn to wear the glove, and will probably ask for an arm guard next. At least you don't have a daughter interested in archery. Re-curve bows with long draws can be a real pain.

    Good luck with the scanner.

    Any more news on how Jax is doing? Prayers continuing.

  3. Yep its a new scanner~What else could it have been?


    And, what Matt said.

    Man, I remember my first archery set. I got so good that every cat in the neighborhood steered clear of our place for months.

    Glad he had a good Christmas, SS.

  4. My son gave me the same archery set for xmas too. My dad used to take me to the park with an archery range when I was about 6 or 7.

  5. I shoot a scanner in the air, where it comes down I know not where.

  6. Matt~That's the only steps I know :)

    Mrs. S. Thank you for continuing your prayers for Jax.
    He's got a rough month of January coming up. The plans now are on Jan 21st he will have 3 days of chemo,4 days of total body radiation 2x a day and 2 more days after that of more chemo. 1 day of rest and on January 31st he will receive his new cells.

    Please continue to pray for no germs,infection and complete healing. May God bless you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

    Andy~ I bet you was a terror with that set.:)

    Supi~ Have fun with your set~Travis did let me shoot his for a few minutes and trying to talk me into going outside in a few to shoot it again~Which I wouldn't mind if it wasn't raining so hard here right now.

    Odie~ That's going to be my last resort :)

  7. Ooh... a scanner! Them's FUN things!

    I had an archery set as a kid, too. Much mischief ensued and I wound up wishing I'd never seen the thing.

  8. He's a handsome young man

  9. I am glad you had a great one and mine (ours) was too.

  10. Buck, I bet you did stay in trouble with your set :)

    Odie, hic**up~Want me to fly your plane :)


    Admiral~ I'm glad to hear you and yours had a Nice Christmas. I've missed you. It must have been really good :)