Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Any Men in Black Fans?

One of my friends( from way back) took his vacation this year in New York and he took some Great Pictures of the filming of the new movie Men in Black 3...Here is some of his pictures.

Will Smith with wardrobe

Just "WOW"
Would love to drive one of these babies!

My friend said Will was such a "Cool Guy" I always thought he would be.

BTW He met this guy below too

Jim Belushi (A Fav. of mine :)


  1. MIB 3, Wow.

    Yes Jim is a fav of mine too.

  2. He does look good in the MIB suits.

  3. Guys I thought this was so cool~They were taping the new movie on the street he was staying on. He took these photos from his hotel room.

  4. All right a number 3 ! Lucky friend you have.