Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Has Anyone Seen This Dog???

If you find him, Please return him to Me.

I found a doughnut on the table in the screened in porch today. (With ants all over it)
I asked my Son "why was there a doughnut on the table" He said "Cause at his desk there were some ants bothering him and he put the doughnut out there to attract the ants back outside, He also said it was working too".  :-)~ Kids Gotta love em.


  1. Tell your son this wouldn't happen if he'd just eat the doughnut.

  2. An uneaten doughnut on a kid's desk. Wow. Wished you took a picture of it when it was on the desk. lol.

  3. Odie and Supi, I don't know why that kid didn't eat that last doughnut~ It's not like I MADE it.