Wednesday, August 3, 2011

KY or NC?

  My son wants to go see his grandparents on his Dad's side in KY (both of my parents are gone now) before he starts back to school in a couple of weeks. It has been almost 2 years since he last seen them. His Dad has offered to take him but I'm so Over Protective of that kid ( I know SHAME on me) Hope he doesn't grow up to be a Wuss :-)

 I'm STRESSING over the upcoming weekend for 2 BIG reasons
 1. My baby sister has been battling bladder cancer for the last 4 years (In remission as of last check), Now she has to go Friday for biopsies in both breast. ( Her mammogram didn't look good ) Please ever who reads this keep her in your prayers. I really don't think she will get the results back on Friday. I think it will take a few days for the readings.

2. My Mom's birthday is this Saturday August 6th, and my sisters (that I'm still close to) are wanting me HERE! She's only been gone a couple of months and there hasn't been one day that has went by that I don't miss her.
 My baby sister is wanting me here the most. Since Mom passed in April, she has become so dependant on me. Sometimes I really wish she wouldn't (I don't feel  as tough as I use to be)  And I do wish I could solve all her problems, but I can't.


  1. Have you decided if you son goes to KY or stays in NC?
    Prayers for your sis.

  2. @Supi, I'm packing my son up now :-( I've decided to stay in NC for my sister. I'm the one that's going to be lost without my little buddy around.

    He's excited about going but once he's on the road for 8 hrs. I don't think he's going to be a happy little camper.

    Thanks for your prayers

    @Jihad Thank You~ Hope you are doing well.

  3. Let you son go. Prayers for your little sister. Which one? Email if you would not like to post here.

  4. @ Odie~ Thanks

    @Kelly~ I did let my son go, he's in KY already. and it's Barbara (Bobbie)

  5. Thanks EVERYONE for your PRAYERS~Her Results came back NEGATIVE today for Cancer :-)