Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Jax at 3 Months-------------->

This is his most recent picture.

FOR THIS LITTLE GUY~ This is Jaxson, he's one of my friends Grandbaby. They are testing him today for bone cancer. He's was born January 12, 2010.

This little fellow isn't 2 years old yet and has been thru so much in his short life time. In March of 2010 he was diagnoised with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)He had to stay in the hospital for 6 months to be treated with chemo during that time. Jaxson just started walking over this Summer and he's been doing great. Until a new knot appeared a couple of weeks ago...Now He's in need of more PRAYERS - I believe in God and the Power of Prayer and hope my readers do too.


  1. Oh ...thats soooo sad... I hope that they get the miracle they need.

  2. Just finished my prayer ... that should shock he above.

  3. I said a prayer too. He is cute little tough guy!

  4. Thanks Everyone for your Prayers.

    They did find out today that his cancer is back :(

    Little Jax was a Warrior during his first battle with cancer. I'm Praying he comes out a Winner this time too.

    PLEASE always keep him in your Prayers.

  5. Stopsign, little Jax has got ours. Such a gorgeous little guy...reminds me of my eldest son at that age.

    I often wondered back when the boys were little how I would handle something like this. I'm quite sure I'd have fallen to pieces. Fortunately, I was not tested.

    I see these situations every day, and my heart breaks. I'd better shut up, or I'll run on all night.

    I'm going to go pray.

  6. My best thoughts go out to Jax.

  7. Andy, I know if it were my son that I would have fallen to pieces too. And I pray I'm never tested like that with him.

    Little Jax is such a cutie, they sent me some pics. of him today (They are Precious) I'm just not sure if I should post more.

    Thank You for your Prayers & Your welcome to always comment as much as you would like.

    @Buck~ Thank you too.

  8. Prayers on the way!!!

    So young to be having such problems.

  9. This is so sad. Poor little guy. He's in my thoughts and prayers.