Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update: 15-year-old Girl is 5th Fatality in Pleasant Garden Shootings

Update: 15-year-old Girl is 5th Fatality in Pleasant Garden Shootings

These murders took place in my "neck of the woods"

This was such a Sad thing to happen..My heart breaks for the family.

The 10,000 check to the lover's wife really just doesn't add up to me.
Plus another thing that puzzles me is the boyfriend  received non threatening wounds.

I feel there's a lot more to this story.


  1. I feel there's a lot more to this story.

    There's always a lot more to stories written by crazy people, i.e., Ms. Holder. It's just so, so sad that she took out innocents in her craziness.

  2. I agree Buck she was crazy to kill those innocent children. If she wanted to die she should have just took out herself.

    I'm wondering if the boyfriend and his wife were threating and/or scamming her in some way that made her go off the deep end.

    BTW Buck~full report :) Don't make me worry about you.

    @Mike Not good at all.

  3. Truly sad... the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time, and a young life is cut tragically short...

  4. SS, I have seen too many of these. A personal friend whose ex-husband killed their two children before blowing his own brains out.

    There have been so many of these in the news in my adult years. It is a spirit. The spirit of suicide is a murderous one. I often think that those that off themselves do society at large a favor by not murdering everyone in their wake.

    I know that is a cruel thing to say. But, I honestly believe that most people that committ suicide would like to take many others out with them when they go. I commend them for resisting murder.

    Weird comment, I know...but weird junk like this brings old thoughts/experiences to mind.

  5. NFO~ These kids lives were cut way to short. I will never understand how a parent could do that.

    Andy~ Sorry about your friend..There was a case just like that here 2 weeks ago. A man didn't want to give up custody of his 6 yr old daughter so instead he killed her and killed himself. Just crazy what goes on in the world today.