Friday, January 7, 2011

Mom's therapy has started (2 days now)

Day 1, Therapist is a nice lady but tough (Exactly what she needs) Over the last 6 months mom has become totally dependent on us  girls not wanting, nor trying to do anything for herself. Instead she knows  she just has to yell (Sometime loud) in case one of us didn't hear her the first time she yelled (to change the TV channel) I've already decided!  I'm not getting her a bell to ring.

Day 2, Mom's complaining to me that she just can't take the therapy and wants to cancel it (Not a chance that will happen) but mom is a little sneaky She tries to go over my head..(As though she could, I'm the tallest girl out of the family) Needless to say day 2 did happen today, and it went well.


  1. Stopsign, I took care of my mom and dad before they died. It wasn't easy. They drove me crazy. I drove them crazy. In the end, we had the time of our lives. Hang in there.

  2. Thank You Supi

    My dad died when I was 4. Mom is use to us driving her crazy. I've got a feeling she's paying us back.