Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Mom

 My mom is 83 years old (Shhh! Don't tell her I told her age) She's sensitive about that kind of thing...Guess that's where I got it from..

    She's been going through some health problems over the past year. Last night she was taken to the hospital and I spent the night there with her (As well as 6 of my sisters)   She had fell and hit her head and had to have 3 staples put in. Her blood pressure was high (Which has never been before) and they gave her a blood pressure pill which made her go into irregular heart beats.(Ofcourse they were short staffed at the hospital) So it took awhile to get her heart beat back to normal, After all that they decide well she can go home! We were all shocked that they wouldn't want to keep her for observation..
    She was discharged and they wheeled her out to the  emergency parking deck to load her into the car....She was in the car no more than a minute or two and couldn't breath (I've never been more scared for her in my life) They rushed her back into the emergency room and her oxygen level was down to 60 . At which time they readmitted her into the hospital for a second time. You would think that this time they would have kept her a day at least! But no! After they got her oxygen level back to normal. They realeased her to go home again (With an oxygen tank to go home with her) Needless to say the hospital got at least 7 complaints today..She is resting today at a sisters house (We will take turns watching after her) The only thing I can say is our Medical System here sucks..(And I know this from my own experiences in the past) Please keep my mom (Thelma) in your prayers..She will follow up with her regular Doctor.
This is my MOM (Picture taken New Years Day 2011) Shhh! Not a Great pic.(I took it) but don't let her see it


  1. She's not better yet! but I pray she get's there! Thank You

  2. Sending prayers to you and your mom. Your mom is beautiful. I love the picture of your mom. She has the look of holding a rolling pin and telling everyone, "because I'm mom and I said so."

  3. Supi, Thank you for the prayers
    My mom is the kind of lady that would have used that rolling pin too.

  4. Just be thankful you have sisters willing to watch your mom. My brothers didn't help out at all. Geesh they had to have me as the bouncer to protect them from our mom. Yeah, like she was going to jump out of her bed, chase them down the street in her wheel chair and knuckle sandwich them.

  5. Supi, You have me laughing out loud this morning :) I remember it was so many of us when we were little that when we were fighting in the back seat of the car (She would reach back and pinch the crap out of the first one she felt)That's the reason we were always fighting for that right side, back passenger seat.(Outta reach lol)

    Out of the 10 of us (9 now, 1 brother passed away 2 years ago) There is only 4 of us that has really took on the challenge of taking care of mom over this past year.I'm hoping the others will step up to the plate (But really I don't think they will)