Wednesday, October 12, 2011


..Spent the whole day at the Allergist office.
There's not much he wasn't allergic to!.
He's allergic to Grass(all kinds) A plus is hopefully he won't smoke weed :)
Oak trees,Pecan and Birch trees are on the list as well as Dogs and Cats (We have
2 dogs and 2 cats) He refuses to let the animals go, as do I. We will work that out.

He asked if I could not tell the kids at school that he will be getting a series of allergy shots because they will think he's a dork.
Now I was so shocked that they still used the word "DORK"
But Hey on the Plus Side We found out that he's not allergic to dust and mold...Ye haw I can still dust the same as always( Don't Ask :).


  1. Yikes. I thought I had it bad with just grass pollen.

  2. Inno, It shocked me of all his allergies. He loves being outdoors.

  3. That is too bad he is allergic to so much.

    There is a prominent dork in the whitehouse at the moment.

    I am to cats too. You learn to manage it over time as well.

  4. Admiral, I agree about that dork in the White House :)

    My son loves all animals. I'm hoping these allergy shots that he will start soon helps with that also.

  5. My Father was allergic to Strawberries in his younger years, but he loved them so. In the "old" days his doctor said, "If you love them that much keep eating them and see which one of you wins." My Father over came his allergy and strawberries became his favorite food.

    Young people often outgrow their allergies. I remember when I was young I would roll around on the grass without a shirt and get itchy. I just started wear a shirt when playing on the grass. We had a cat for 17 years until 2 years ago. I became "lightly" allergic to him the last few years. If I pet him then touched my eyes I would be miserable for awhile. No big deal ... after I learned this I started washing my hands after petting Milo.

  6. ( Don't Ask :).

    Heh. I don't have to ask, coz I KNOW.

    Odie has given you some hope, I would think. I hear the shots really work these days, too... so there's that.

  7. I didn't outgrow mine, and I'm almost 44. I am allergic to all that this young person is including and especially the dust.

    Good Luck.

  8. Odie, He's allergic to apples (NEVER HEARD OF THAT ONE) But there went my theory of an "Apple a Day"
    I remember grass use to cause a rash on me too.

    Buck~ LOL How did you know? :)

    Matt~Thanks I really thought dust was going to be one of his too. Have you tried allery shots?

  9. Buck~ LOL How did you know? :)

    Jes a simple case o' "Great Minds," extended to housekeeping. ;-)

  10. Crud! Blogger ate my comment. I can't sign in either to my Google Account, either.

    This is Andy.

    You'll/he'll be glad you did this.

  11. Andy~Thanks and Blogger has been eating my comments ALOT lately too.

  12. He is really allergic to one of them. Eeek!