Monday, October 10, 2011


Wonder when he will see the resemblance?

Wonder when this reporter will notice the resemblance :)


  1. Sorry Guys Tech Problems. Yes I know I ask the same question twice :)

  2. NYUK!

    True story Stopsign. We had a local news radio guy that reported on child predators all the caught in a virtual "sting" trying to meet up at a local park with a 13 year old girl.

    Then, about a month later, another television news guy with the local NBC affiliate (who kinda resembles the dude in the picture, sans 'stache) got caught in the same kind of internet "meet and greet" deal.


    I sometimes think people in the media can't see the forest for the spotlights.

  3. Dang... THAT is an amazing resemblance...

  4. How could he do it with a strait face?

  5. Odie, I would have

    Andy~ Thanks for the stories.
    We had a police officer in our area years ago, that was making all kinds of safety videos for our local News station...Then a girl was raped and murdered on his beat..Guess who did it?

    NFO~ Uncanny

    Admiral~ I wonder if he even looked at the sketch that he was reporting on.

  6. Ms. "Sign"

    Glad you visited; I would not have wanted to miss this for the world! It is too funny!