Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hope this Works~ Check it Out

Once you type in the year it will start counting back - then it will fade to black and the text will appear on that black screen. Lots of interesting information is given. Just click on "year of your birth" below........  
The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and follow the instructions below.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one... Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark!

Sit back and enjoy!!


  1. THanks that was cool :)

    It's interesting to see the stuff that happened in 1962, the books, movies, it definately was a different time. :)

  2. Sorry kid. Firefox won't land the address. is this right?

  3. Good one, Google Chrome did connect, but took a while.

  4. Pissed~I thought it was cool too.
    BTW Your older than me :)

    Odie& Christopher Sorry you couldn't connect to it.~ I'll send you the link

    NFO~ Thanks~Glad it connected for you.

  5. Stopsign, that is way cool! I shall be stealing this...

    Internet Explorer connected just fine. I usually use Firefox, but just happen to be on a 'puter with IE open.

    Thanks, Andy

  6. Andy~Be my guest :)

    My son was born in 1999~ He thought it was "Way Cool" also.

  7. I use Firefox and it worked for me... no problem.

    Interesting. I knew everything mentioned there (except for the movie references), but then again, I'm a history geek. Yet another thing I didn't know; Bryan Ferry and I are about the same age, me bein' six months older.


  8. Hey Stopsign,,,Update; Tried again and it worked!

    Like Buck said but I was more intrigued that Bridget Fonda and I are the same age.

  9. That was pretty cool. Happy Hallowween