Saturday, October 8, 2011


Sometimes in life we have to burn that bridge for ourselves but there's always the one that lights the match
to start the fire, whether on purpose or by accident. .
Either way once the bridge burns there's no going back!


  1. I have a feeling someone is going to regret burning a bridge that leads to you :-)

  2. Well, that's a mysterious one.


    So, was it accidental, or on purpose?

    Just curious.

  3. FM~ Thank~You :)

    Andy it was actually 2 Bridges.
    Wanna hear about it? OK here it goes :)

    Bridge #1~ My eldest sister (I'm being nice here calling her a sister) decided she didn't like the flowers that I and 2 other Sis's had placed on Mom's grave. She moved them off and placed them in the woods below the grave site...OH but she did leave a note as to where to find them.
    *Note to self~ For me to kick her ass :)

    Bridge #2~Was Special~BUT I found out how Un~Stable it would be to cross.

    Supi, Hope my #1 & 2 explained it :)

  4. Had to burn a couple recently myself.

    Never easy, it sometimes has to be done for your own sanity.

  5. Admiral~ I agree! If you see my Sanity floating around will you let me know? I have really missed it :)

  6. The ashes blow off in the wind. At least mine have.

    Good luck with bridge two ... true the course.

  7. I've burned more than a few bridges myself and it was never a pretty sight to watch 'em burn. Some were downright painful.

  8. Odie, I will stay True to Course~Thanks

    Buck~I bet you felt better after the smoke died down.